Your Target Isn’t Shopping at Target

It’s not surprising that most of Gen Z (ages 18-21) are doing more online shopping than the average consumer according to the 2017 study on They’re spending around 4 hours of their day on their phone and are easily influenced by social media recommendations. However their online shopping trend is following social trends in general with only 11 percent of them shopping on the “dying” Facebook platform. This should be a sign to marketers trying to capture this demographic that they shouldn’t spend their ad dollars on Facebook. Gen Z is spending a good amount of time Snapchat shopping primarily followed by Instragram. Personally, I didn’t even know Snapchat offered shopping (I’m classified as a Millenial although that’s up for discussion) and it just shows the importance that marketers keep up with the new trends and become very familiar with where their target audience is shopping. 

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